Gatorade Free Flow Tour Footage Airs on Fuel TV

On March 23rd Fuel TV (Fox Sports Affiliate) aired The Gatorade Free Flow Tour Winter Special. The half hour program covered highlights of this Winter's snowboard/ski tour. It was produced by Vice Magazine who hired me to as a camera operator for a few of the tour's stops. I posted about this a while back but here is some footage that actually aired. These videos are not from the Winter special but rather from Fuel TV's daily highlight show called "The Daily Habit." These are individual recaps from the Vail and Keystone Events. These aired in early February. Enjoy!

Gatorade Free FLow Tour Snow Events

TINSTAAFL was busy filming with the VBS.TV crew for the MTV2  and Fuel TV coverage of the Gatorade Free FLow Tour events. We filmed on two stops including Vail and Keystone. The tour is intended for amateur riders under the age of 21 only. Each stop has a winner in pipe and slope style (ski and snowboard). The winner of each satellite  competition went on to a final in Vermont where they competed for a spot on the Dew Tour professional circuit. The level of talent was unbelievable at both stops but the kids at Keystone were on fire! These kids are the future of freestyle skiing and snowboarding and show no fear what so ever. Here is a clip from the vail competition. These shots are copyrighted by VBS.TV and Alli Boardsports and re distribution is prohibited. Please do not embed this video anywhere else.

Living the Dream in Costa Rica

WOW this is long, long overdue. I haven't posted in quite some time mainly because I have been so busy. I am currently out in Vail Colorado for the Winter working on a few projects. Shortly after I arrived I went down for a job to shoot in Costa Rica. I traveled to the area with my buddy/pro surfer Ben Bourgeois. Ben and his Cousin have invested in some land in the Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica and have plans to open a surf resort within the next few years. I went down to shoot some promotional and advertising video for their respective websites. I can't post anything quite yet but I will post the videos as soon as the sites are finished. I promise to not be so slack from here on out! I have a few posts that I will get up in the next few days regarding my work for Gatorade out in CO.

Ben Bourgeois “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of…”

After a brief stent in the "SOBX" Benny and I hopped a plane up to the Empire State to follow the swell. The entire East Coast lit up with surf over the week and through out the weekend. We arrived to drifty, huge, semi-offshore surf and lots and lots of rain. After a quick surf saturday afternoon, we headed to the Baty residence (my girlfriend Mallory's parents) just in time to catch Birthday steak and cake. They were kind enough to open up the doors of their home (and hot tub) to three smelly, bloodshot-eyed, hungry surfers. A big thanks to the Baty family for letting us crash for three days. 5:30 came brutally early on Sunday morning despite the light offshores and solid morning buoy readings. Bagel and coffee in hand we arrived to find the surf had a weird high tide morning sickness. After the ritualistic spot check fiasco, we ended up back at Lido Beach, the first spot we checked. We weren't alone by any means. The waves were solid all day and TONS of people showed up to enjoy the swell. We never really got great light for shooting but we scored a few solid clips in sizable east coast surf. Monday morning brought perfect winds but the swell was on it's way out. Smaller conditions persisted though out the day and we decided to throw in the towel. After a beer, dip in the hot tub, and a power nap, we grabbed the train into the city to cap off the trip with a few adult beverages. All in all, it was a great trip with great waves. Keep an eye on the blog and for the video to be posted soon. Cheers~ NL

somewhere in NC 2

Ben Bourgeois, “Atlantic Assault”

Benny and I are currently on the road tracking this crazy storm and swell that the weather channel is dubbing "Atlantic Assault!" The Weather Channel tends to be a bit hyperbolic when it comes to covering storms, especially tropical ones. Hell, they had a reporter on air last night wearing swim goggles (yeah, seriously). All jokes aside, the Outer Banks and VB are currently underwater and there seems to be quite a bit of damage and power loss. Good luck to everyone in those areas. Ben had been in Hawaii one short day before he decided he would get more work done back on the East Coast. He hopped a plane and we (Ben, Tony Del, Ross Stevens, and Myself) ended up on a short road trip north at 6am the next morning. Four hours, six egg biscuits, and seven coffees later, we were in the boat and on our way to the beach. We scored some really fun surf and a handful of clips with just six people out. Here are some video frame grabs below. We're headed up to NY in the am. Look for more updates over the weekend!