Ben Bourgeois “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of…”

After a brief stent in the "SOBX" Benny and I hopped a plane up to the Empire State to follow the swell. The entire East Coast lit up with surf over the week and through out the weekend. We arrived to drifty, huge, semi-offshore surf and lots and lots of rain. After a quick surf saturday afternoon, we headed to the Baty residence (my girlfriend Mallory's parents) just in time to catch Birthday steak and cake. They were kind enough to open up the doors of their home (and hot tub) to three smelly, bloodshot-eyed, hungry surfers. A big thanks to the Baty family for letting us crash for three days. 5:30 came brutally early on Sunday morning despite the light offshores and solid morning buoy readings. Bagel and coffee in hand we arrived to find the surf had a weird high tide morning sickness. After the ritualistic spot check fiasco, we ended up back at Lido Beach, the first spot we checked. We weren't alone by any means. The waves were solid all day and TONS of people showed up to enjoy the swell. We never really got great light for shooting but we scored a few solid clips in sizable east coast surf. Monday morning brought perfect winds but the swell was on it's way out. Smaller conditions persisted though out the day and we decided to throw in the towel. After a beer, dip in the hot tub, and a power nap, we grabbed the train into the city to cap off the trip with a few adult beverages. All in all, it was a great trip with great waves. Keep an eye on the blog and for the video to be posted soon. Cheers~ NL

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