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Ben Bourgeois, “Atlantic Assault”

Benny and I are currently on the road tracking this crazy storm and swell that the weather channel is dubbing "Atlantic Assault!" The Weather Channel tends to be a bit hyperbolic when it comes to covering storms, especially tropical ones. Hell, they had a reporter on air last night wearing swim goggles (yeah, seriously). All jokes aside, the Outer Banks and VB are currently underwater and there seems to be quite a bit of damage and power loss. Good luck to everyone in those areas. Ben had been in Hawaii one short day before he decided he would get more work done back on the East Coast. He hopped a plane and we (Ben, Tony Del, Ross Stevens, and Myself) ended up on a short road trip north at 6am the next morning. Four hours, six egg biscuits, and seven coffees later, we were in the boat and on our way to the beach. We scored some really fun surf and a handful of clips with just six people out. Here are some video frame grabs below. We're headed up to NY in the am. Look for more updates over the weekend!

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